The NewBees traineeship

NewBees prepares newcomers, refugees, for a job: for a place in society. We match newcomers to traineeships with local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are key. 

We bring people together every day, with the dedication and commitment of our diverse network. We combine the best of two worlds and we link knowledge and networks to each other to make matches that really matter. Which improve the well-being of newcomers.

On our innovative platform, newcomers, together with our matchmakers, share their experience, knowledge and passion in a personal profile. With this information we match newcomers to a suitable traineeship: a temporary position with a local organization or company. During this traineeship, people receive personal support and follow workshop series that support them in experiencing cultural differences in behavior on the work floor. 

The NewBees traineeship




0. Application: Newcomers can sign up via our website or referral from our partners’ organizations. NewBees is open to all newcomers, at any stage of the asylum process and regardless of previous work experience, education or language skills.​

1. Intake: After an application, a NewBees matcher will contact the newcomer and arrange a personal intake interview. This matcher will be their personal guide throughout the traineeship. NewBees collects insights on the newcomer’s experience, skills and interests, and a profile is created in the NewBees online platform. This enables participants to keep track of their professional history and build a local resume.


2. Search: Through our online system and our broad network of organizations, NewBees will set out to find a suitable vacancy. This could be a volunteer position, an internship, or paid work.


3. Interview: When we find a suitable position, the matcher will arrange and come along to a first introduction interview.


4. Match: The interview turned out successful; the organization wants to place the newcomer.


5. Contract: After a successful match, NewBees, the newcomer and the organization sign a contract for an optimal experience.


6. Certificate: In order to give value to the work completed, NewBees provides certificates to the newcomers that include the number of hours worked, the skills they have shown and a signature on behalf of the organization and NewBees.

7. Evaluation: NewBees follows up with the organization and the newcomer to make sure the experience was beneficial. All information is included in the online platform to keep the newcomer’s profile up-to-date for future reference.

8. Job ready! We refer our members to our partner employers, municipalities or educative institutions.

  • Workshops and personal guidance
    Throughout the three months of a traineeship,
    NewBees will offer monthly ‘intervision
    workshops’ for the newcomer. During these
    sessions, NewBees evaluates the experiences
    of newcomers and offers training sessions in
    soft skills and professional interaction. In
    addition, the matcher will provide continuous 
    personal support by following up on the
    newcomer’s and organization’s experience.

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