NewBees at Work: Eyas, the Shutterbug

May 30, 2017

“What makes a photo great is the lighting. Dusk and dawn, these are the golden hours for photography.”


Eyas prides himself in snapping the perfect photo. The 23-year-old Aleppo native aspires to be a professional photographer, so when he heard NewBees was looking for someone to create great images of other volunteers in action, he jumped at the opportunity.


“I joined NewBees to make a new network for myself,” he said. “I’m new here in the Netherlands, so I need to make contact with the Dutch people to expand my network, especially with photography. I need to know a lot of people. That was the main target.”


Eyas found out about NewBees through his father, who was already a NewBees volunteer at a bike shop in Zaandam.


“NewBees needed a photographer, and I needed to further develop my skills in photography,” he said. “So it was a new beginning — a chance for us to develop our skills together.”


In his ten months of volunteering, Eyas’ Dutch skills have also sharpened. “My teacher told me that if you have contact with Dutch people, your Dutch will be better. It’s really helped me.”


But the skills gained from NewBees have far surpassed language and photography. “I’ve learned how to talk to the Dutch people,” he said. “How to contact people; how to look them in the eye, shake their hand, things like that. It’s been a good social experience for me. It’s taught me how to be social in a new culture. I now know the mentality of the Dutch people.”   

Once he’s finished his Dutch classes, Eyas will enroll in a Dutch photography school.


“At home, we each had our own pasts, work and experience. We just need the right way to continue it here — a guide that says, ‘go this way and continue your life.’ We come here to work, to expand. For me, to create my future here. It’s a new life.”  


“Before NewBees, I didn’t know which way to take. With NewBees, I said, ‘Okay, I need to focus on my photography.’ I bought a camera here. This is a new beginning for me.”


His advice to other newcomers: “Newcomers should join NewBees to develop themselves and their skills while learning how to get along with Dutch society. They have a chance to actually help others. It’s a new beginning for newcomers: it’s the first step in your journey in the Netherlands.”  


Learn more how you can support newcomers like Eyas pursue their passions and careers in the Netherlands. 


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