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NewBees believes in talent. In a society where everyone gets the chance to use talent. Wherever you come from. Because we believe that every talent is unique. That everyone can contribute to our society on the basis of talent and equality.

NewBees prepares newcomers, refugees, for a job: for a place in society. We match newcomers to traineeships with local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are key. We have developed a unique methodology and online matching platform and combine smart technology with social contact, so that we are always close by. Personal and practical. We bring people together every day, with the dedication and commitment of our diverse network.

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It are the people who make NewBees into a success. Our matchmakers are the link between newcomers and local organizations. The matchmakers always operate in equivalent duos: a talented newcomer and a local goal-getter. We combine the best of two worlds and we link knowledge and networks to make matches that really matter. Which improve the well-being of newcomers.

On our innovative platform, newcomers, together with our matchmakers, share their experience, knowledge and passion in a personal profile. With this information we match newcomers to a suitable traineeship: a temporary position with a local organization or company. During this traineeship, people receive personal support and follow workshop series that support them in experiencing cultural differences in behavior on the work floor. All acquired knowledge and experience is recorded and validated online so that, even if a traineeship does not lead to a permanent job, it helps our newbee to take the next step.


Since our start in 2016, we have established about 600 successful matches. And we have helped almost 500 newcomers on their way in Dutch society.


For more information, please contact Annemiek Dresen at annemiek@new-bees.org, or Dorien Marres at dorien@new-bees.org. 

Stichting NewBees - Amsterdam - kvk 65443101 - RSIN 856114467 - NL37 ABNA 0486 8452 22

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