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A Dress to Impress: How Hasan Used his Design Skills in a Very Dutch Way

Wethouder Rita Visscher-Noordzij of Zaanstad has been with us since the very inception of NewBees. Our close relationship is based on the mutual belief that talent deserves a chance and that the cultural learning curve between the Netherlands and newcomers goes both ways.

Rita has been present at many of our events and meetings, often honoring us with a short speech. She also joined our Mix&Match event at the end of June 2017. She welcomed everybody to the event, during which we also offered her our very first annual report. The evening evolved around matchmaking: there were people looking for work, but also many organizations with vacancies available. In light of this theme, Rita also brought a question with her: she had purchased a lovely (and very Dutch) fabric, but needed somebody to make her a dress out of it.

Her question was pinned on the board of vacancies, and in less than no time, Rita found a tailor who could help her out: Hasan. Before the evening was over, they agreed on a date and time to meet and chat about the fabric, Rita’s wishes for the dress, and the possibilities Hasan saw. He did not disappoint: this summer Rita wore her very Dutch dress during the summer holidays and Hasan still aspires a career in fashion.

Thanks Rita and Hasan, for your inspiring story!

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